American White Pelican at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on September 27, 2022

While birding Lakeshore State Park the surprise bird of the day there was an American White Pelican. I found this juvenile bird at the pebble beach at the park and it was just standing there.  After a while it took a swim to the other side of the lagoon and jumped up on the rocks literally. It did some preening and a little resting and then went back out in the water. It swam to the south end of the lagoon and then took off, did a loop over the lagoon and then flew over to the lighthouse water. I watched it drift to the south. It was a partly cloudy day with a good wind and cool temps around 55 degrees. Images were taken on September 27, 2022.

At the pebble beach, the juvenile American White Pelican…

Moving about the lagoon off of the pebble beach…

Preening on the rocks on the west side of the lagoon…

And more preening…

That eye…

Back in the water…

Moving towards the south end of the lagoon…

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7 Responses to American White Pelican at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on September 27, 2022

  1. Kim Belton says:

    I’ve never seen a juvie up close. Great flight pic over the sign!

  2. JOY C BANYAS says:

    Wonderful photos, Jim! That last one over the sign is amazing. That should be on a promotional brochure.

  3. Kym George says:

    These pictures are awesome, he is an adorable little guy!!!

  4. Jeff Bentoff says:

    Fabulous shots and catch!!!!

  5. Diane Harvey says:

    Wonderful photos! I hope you’ll share the in-flight photo with the DNR for their park website or other promotional materials. I’ll bet they would be delighted to have it. Your photos continue to bless us with wonder and delight.

  6. Susan says:

    Amazing I agree what a great photo to advertise that park or 🤫 wonderful quiet secret:)

  7. Cathy - Ben Goss Bird Club says:

    No one could suspect that the bird would have flown toward a sign of where it was sighted. Go figure. That is a fantastic unplanned click of that pelican over the sign. Great timing, or should I say Divine Intervention. Awesome Jim!

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