Barred Owl in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on December 30, 2022

Doing some general birding in Milwaukee County I spotted a Barred Owl. Surprisingly I had already walked passed this owl not noticing it but some Black-capped Chickadees were together on a small tree and it rang a bell in my head that their presence might mean a owl is close by. It was true, as I turned my head around backwards where I had just walked there was a Barred Owl looking at me. With my short stop watching the the owl it seemed preoccupied with watching something off in a distance in another direction, maybe it’s next meal? It was a mostly cloudy day with temps around 36 with no wind. Images were taken on December 30, 2022.


The Barred Owl when I saw it…

The Barred Owl was always looking to another location, not at me, maybe thinking about the next meal…

It seemed relaxed…not a worry in the world…

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