Dickcissels Mating at the Rock in Franklin in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on June 15, 2017

I made the trip over to the Rock in Franklin Wisconsin early this morning to see if any of the Dickcissels that have been recently reported were present. Sure enough, there were at least 4 and I observed them in a patch of some non-native aggressive species of plants that were 2-3 feet in height. The highlight of the morning was watching a pair of Dickcissels mating. Always enjoyable  to watch these birds calling from a perch for long periods of time. A few non native Teasels were in the planting that made great perches for these birds to call from. As I said last year, interesting that a 1/2 acre lot full of non native species fighting each other to gain growing space and looking like a rats nest at ground level can be habitat for some native bird species. The Red-winged Blackbirds, also nest in this planting along with Savannah Sparrows. These birds were here at the same location last year. Easy to spot these birds as they were calling on territory. An exciting morning to say the least! Images were taken on June 15, 2017.

Dickcissel, male


Binomial name: Spiza americana

Category: Cardinals, Piranga Tanagers and Allies

Size: 6.25” long, 9.75” wing span

Weight: 0.95 oz

Dickcissels, the mating…

Dickcissels, the mating…

Dickcissels, the mating…his part is done…

Dickcissels, he drops down…

Dickcissel, the female after the act…

Dickcissel, the female, the proud mother to be…

Dickcissel, the male calling from an old clump of Teasel from last year

Dickcissel, the male taking off…

Dickcissel, the male perched…

Dickcissel, the female looking around…

Dickcissel, the male calling…

Dickcissel, male trying to balance with the blowing winds on an old Teasel seed head from last year.

Dickcissel, perched male

Savannah Sparrow

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4 Responses to Dickcissels Mating at the Rock in Franklin in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on June 15, 2017

  1. Rick Terrien says:

    Yet another beautiful album. Thanks for sharing these Jim. Well done.

  2. Nan Wisherd says:

    We always enjoy seeing dickcissels and hope they can establish territories in Wisconsin. Gorgeous photos, Jim!

  3. JANE DENNIS says:

    Definitive pictures, thank you.

  4. Ed Means says:

    Great Pics Jim. Enjoyed them!

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