Snow Goose at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on March 9, 2018

A little birding along the lakefront in Milwaukee this morning provided nice views of a Snow Goose juvenile at Lakeshore State Park. The Snow Goose hung out with about 20-25 Canada Geese. They all grazed on the short turf grass while I was there. Eventually the flock thinned out as … Continue reading

Laughing Gull at the Port Washington Harbor in Ozaukee County Wisconsin on February 28, 2018

I made a run up to Port Washington in Ozaukee County early this morning in hopes to see the Laughing Gull that was reported yesterday. Upon arriving at 7:00 am, I could see the adult Laughing Gull after making about 10 steps away from the car.  Wow, what a stunning … Continue reading

Hooded Mergansers at the Fox River in Waukesha on February 27, 2018

Birding along the Fox River in downtown Waukesha today produced a pair of adult Hooded Mergansers, males. They briefly gave nice views when hanging out with Mallards, but then at times moved short distances up and down the river by themselves. There were still ~50 Common Goldeneye on the river … Continue reading

Long-tailed Duck at Bender Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on February 26, 2018

A stop at Bender Park in Milwaukee County this morning gave nice views of a adult female Long-tailed Duck. Considered a diving duck, this duck dove for food most of the time while I was present. I think a cool looking duck anytime of the year. Other stops I made … Continue reading

White-winged Scoters at South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin on February 25, 2018

While birding some of the Milwaukee lakefront this morning I came across 6 White-winged Scoters near the South Shore Yacht Club. Males and females we present. They were diving and feeding on mussels along with other ducks. No other ducks to note other than a Hooded Merganser and Redhead, both … Continue reading

Townsend’s Solitaire at the UW Arboretum in Madison in Dane County Wisconsin on January 31, 2018

I decided to make a run up to the UW Arboretum in Madison Wisconsin. My target bird was the Townsend’s Solitaire. It was present shortly after I arrived, but only gave brief views before disappearing. A couple hours later it was back and doing some feeding in conifers and once … Continue reading

Red Crossbills Feeding on Cone Seeds at Grant Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on January 21, 2018

I was birding along the lakefront this morning and I came across some Red Crossbills feeding on some cone seeds on some spruce trees. I saw 2 males and 2 females. I only saw 4 of these birds and they moved around to a couple of different clumps of spruce … Continue reading

Glaucous and Lesser Black-backed Gulls at Johnson Creek in Jefferson County Wisconsin on January 18, 2018

I went out to Johnson Creek, just north of the Kohl’s store out lots to check out a few gulls. Lots of gulls present, could have been ~300. Two gulls I could ID were the Glaucous Gull and a Lesser Black-blacked Gull. The Glaucous Gull, what I think is a … Continue reading

Greater Scaup at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on January 14, 2018

A stop at Lakeshore State Park this morning provided a couple of nice views of some Greater Scaup. For the most part everything is frozen but there are a couple of spots still with open water. These ducks were diving for mussels on occasion for something to eat. It was … Continue reading