Red-headed Woodpeckers in Marquette County Wisconsin on April 5, 2020

Best birds of the day were a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers in Marquette County. Other species to note, a Bald Eagle, Tree Swallows, Sandhill Cranes, Eastern Pheobe, Song Sparrows and other common species we see this time of year. The day started out foggy but gave way to full sun … Continue reading

Northern Harrier in the South Kettle Moraine in Waukesha County Wisconsin on March 21, 2020

Birding out in the South Kettle Moraine in Waukesha County today I had the pleasure of watching a pair of Northern Harriers. As I watched them at a distance they did some serious hunting and maybe captured something to eat on the ground as they all of the sudden they … Continue reading

Trumpeter Swans at Frame Park in Waukesha Wisconsin on March 4, 2020

At ​Frame Park today in Waukesha along the Fox River a couple of Trumpeter Swans had come in since my morning visit. ​Sometimes it pays to check places out twice in one day! ​Always nice to see something different as everyone is anxious for the start of spring migration. These … Continue reading

Redhead Duck Survives a Fishing Line Snag at the Fox River in Waukesha Wisconsin on February 16, 2020

One of my birding stops this morning was at the Fox River in Waukesha. Some unexpected and unwanted drama occurred. 6 Redheads were present, one female. The ducks starting feeding after a slow start and when one took a dive for some aquatic plants it came fighting some fishing line … Continue reading

Redhead Duck, juvenile drake at the Fox River in Waukesha Wisconsin on February 2, 2020

Ducks along the Fox River in Waukesha this morning had the common suspects, a 100 plus Mallards other than one duck that stood out, a Redhead, and juvenile drake. Not a stunning duck but still beautiful in it’s own way. It was nice to see something different. Also, a couple … Continue reading

Harris’s Sparrow at the Mequon Nature Preserve in Ozaukee County Wisconsin on January 22, 2020

With not much going on bird wise I decided to try for the visiting Harris’s Sparrow that has been reported at the Mequon Nature Preserve. Normal range for the species is Minnesota west and south. After about 15 minutes the stunning male Harris’s Sparrow showed up with a small flock … Continue reading