Willet at McKinley Beach in Milwaukee Wisconsin on May 1, 2012

A flock of 37 American Avocets had spent the day at McKinley Beach in Milwaukee Wisconsin on May 1, 2012. Within the flock was one lone Willet that just mixed right in with the Avocets as they feed and rested for the day. Willet Binomial name: Tringa semipalmata Category: Sandpipers, … Continue reading

Ring-billed Gull – hatch year at Bradford Beach on the Milwaukee Wisconsin lakefront December 3, 2014

Doing some birding on the lakefront in Milwaukee today I came across a gull just a little smaller than the rest. A hatch year Ring-billed Gull along with it some adult Ring-billed Gulls and Herring Gulls too. Some images from today at the beach. Images were taken on December 3, … Continue reading

Great Blue Herons nesting and raising young near Pewaukee in Waukesha County Wisconsin in March of 2009

I discovered a roost in Pewaukee Wisconsin back in 2009. I followed it for a couple months. During that time I watch some of the nest building, adults sitting on eggs and feeding the young. I found out adults bring sticks and branches to the nest as maintenance continues on … Continue reading