Painted Bunting (Not my bird or photo) Milwaukee Wisconsin on May 24, 2019

David and Kimberly Baker contacted me when they had a male Painted Bunting show up in their yard on Milwaukee’s east side May 24, 2019 at 7:30 am. (E Park Place and N Murray Ave) The bird hung around at their feeder for approximately 5 minutes, they captured some photos. They never saw the bird return. I am posting their images on my blog for short term as they have no means to do that. I thought they had great sighting and story to share to the birding community. Even though this information is late getting out I think it is exciting. Reason being, as it should be a state record, maybe the 5th sighting in the state and the fact that 2 male Painted Buntings were seen on opposite ends of the state of Wisconsin on the same date is amazing. A big thank you to David and Kimberly for reaching out to share their story.

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