Red Foxes with kits Waukesha Wisconsin May 28, 2014

Red Foxes used a den here in the yard this spring for the last month or so. With that being said, you would think that the red fox images would have been endless. That was not the case as we viewed them plenty, but it was always as the sun was setting and very low light. The two adults and 4 kits gave us some of natures finest moments to enjoy. As of now the red foxes and kits have moved on to a different location and have not been viewed for a few days.

Images here were taken at a distance, in a low light situation.


Red Fox

Scientific name: Vulpes vulpes

Type: Mammal

Habitat: Forests, grasslands, mountains, savanna, agricultural lands and deserts. Red Foxes can also adapt to farms, suburban areas and sometimes cities.

Average life span in the wild: 2 to 4 years

Size: Head and body, 18-33.75 inches

Weight: 6.5 to 24 lbs

Diet: Fruit, vegetables, fish, frogs, rabbits, birds and rodents in the wild. If living in a human environment they may include in the diet garbage and pet food.

Range: Northern hemisphere from the arctic circle to Central American. They can also be found in Northern Africa and central Asia















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  1. Ruth Ruddock says:

    Jim, it was so cool to see these kits…lucky you that you can enjoy them from your own home! Thanks for sharing these outstanding shots.

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