Dunlin at the McKinley Beach in Milwaukee Wisconsin May 23, 2017

Stopping at McKinley Beach today also gave nice views of another species of shorebird, the Dunlin. The Dunlin hung out with the Ruddy Turnstone and the Semipalmated Sandpipers while feeding along the beach on the algae mat. All the birds gave nice views on this cloudy day with mild temps and light winds. Light rain started and I left the area. Images were taken on May 23, 2017.


Binomial name: Calidris alpina

Category: Sandpipers, Phalaropes, and Allies

Size: 8.5” long, 17” wing span

Weight: 2.1 oz



Eating something…or maybe sifting through the sand in the bill for something to eat…

At takeoff…



Fluffed up after preening…

At you…


More feeding…



Moving along the shore…

More feeding…

Just looking…


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3 Responses to Dunlin at the McKinley Beach in Milwaukee Wisconsin May 23, 2017

  1. Chris Rademacher says:

    Shorebirds are extraordinarily beautiful. Your photos are superb. Thank you

  2. Joan Schrinner says:

    Do not have enough experience observing shorebirds, Jim and, find them difficult to identify. But, these photos are truly beautiful!

  3. Nan Wisherd says:

    You were able to capture the gorgeous feather patterns on the dunlin! Nice photos!

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