Pileated Woodpecker feeding young in Delafield in Waukesha County Wisconsin on June 11, 2024

I received a tip on a Pileated Woodpecker feeding it’s young in a natural cavity in Waukesha County. I checked it out and it was an exciting event to witness. There were the two adult birds and supposedly 4 young, I only saw 2 young when i was there. The … Continue reading

American Avocets at Bradford Beach in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on April 24, 2024

Word was out that American Avocets were moving north along the Milwaukee Lakefront. They had made very brief stops, just for moments at Grant Park, South Shore Yacht Club, Pebble Beach and finally taking a rest and doing some feeding at Bradford Beach. It was very cold, 37 degree, windy … Continue reading

Greater White-fronted Goose at Jackson Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on April 19, 2024

Driving through Jackson Park in Milwaukee gave nice looks at a Greater- White-fronted Goose. It was hanging around with about 25 Canada Geese.  It has been reported on and off the last week and I thought I would try my like at seeing it, it was there when I was … Continue reading

Pine Warbler at Lake Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on April 10, 2024

One of my birding stops today was Lake Park in Milwaukee County. There were some nice birds seen but the highlight was this Pine Warbler, male that gave nice looks as I was just strolling around. There were a few Kinglets, Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned and also some Yellow-rumped Warblers to … Continue reading

Hooded Merganser, female at the Fox River in Waukesha County March 10, 2024

A stop this morning at the Fox River in Waukesha provided nice views of a I’m assuming female Hooded Merganser. Also present was a female Common Merganser. They swam around the river finding things to eat. The pedestrian traffic along the river usually keeps visiting ducks in the middle of … Continue reading

Glaucous-winged Gull at Prairie du Sac Dam in Sauk County Wisconsin on February 18, 2024

Late Saturday afternoon I got wind of a very rare for Wisconsin, an adult Glaucous-winged Gull, being reported at the Prairie du Sac Dam in Sauk County. This gull noamally winters on the west coast of California and breeds along the west coast of Canada and Alaska in the summer. … Continue reading