Black-throated Gray Warbler along the Menominee River in Wauwatosa Wisconsin on May 6, 2020

The report of a Black-throated Gray being seen in Wauwatosa Wisconsin sounded spectacular! I made the run in to try for this rare warbler to the state late afternoon on May 5th with no results after a 3 hour wait. It had been seen earlier in the day. It was getting dark and thought I would try first thing in the morning. I arrived the next morning just after sunrise and after 30 minutes, the bird just appeared. I only had looks for about 2 minutes, it was preening, must have just bathed. I grabbed a few shots and then it went out of sight. This western US visitor was stunning, my image does not look like much but it was across the river with low light. A big thank you to all who kept reports coming and the finder of this amazing bird, thank you too! A cool morning starting at 40 degrees, the early sun warmed things up. Bird #350 for the state of Wisconsin. Image was taken on May 6, 2020.

The Black-throated Gray Warbler