Limpkin at Case Eagle Park in Racine County Wisconsin on July 21, 2023

My second day in search for the reported Limpkin at Case Eagle Park was a winner. The Limpkin is a Florida bird so it is very rare to have one in Wisconsin. I think the 3rd bird in the last 2 years but never before that. The bird was far down the river from the dam and feeding along a river bank in the shade when found. It moved around some and I only saw it find a clam, crack it open and eat some of the insides. What an exciting bird, it moved along the river shore very, very slowly. It perched once for 45 minutes but then came back down in the water to look for more food. It was a beautiful day, full sun, a light wind and no bugs out in the deep woods along the river. Images were taken on July 21, 2023.

The Limpkin…calling “Kree-ow, Kra-ow” sound…

Walking so very slowly along the river searching for food…

Getting the big clam here, cracked it open a short time later and ate something from it…

Getting a better grip…

Going down for something here…


The Limpkin was perched here for 45 minutes…


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11 Responses to Limpkin at Case Eagle Park in Racine County Wisconsin on July 21, 2023

  1. Dennis Kuecherer says:


  2. Tom O’Malley says:

    Great pictures Jim.

  3. Bob Gantner says:

    Great images of this special bird. What lens was used?

  4. Karen Weiss says:

    Such beautiful pictures and interesting bird. Thanks love learning.

  5. Laura says:

    Very beautiful

  6. Lynne says:

    Lovely to see and enjoyed your description.

  7. Gerald Haiar says:

    Wow. Super nice pictures.

  8. Jane Becker says:

    Love these pictures Jim! I’ve seen them quite often in Florida but never here.

  9. Gary Jones says:

    Great shots and great patience to get them. Congratulations Jim!

  10. Michael J. Huebschen says:

    Images with bill agape and holding bivalve prey item are SUPERB!

  11. Ken & Barb Wardius says:

    Gorgeous captures Jim. Life bird ?

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