Garganey at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in Grantsburg, Wisconsin on May 1, 2014. The male Garganey will be a 1st state record for this species in the state pending acceptance. The normal range for this species is quite large covering much of Eurasia in breeding season and winters in southern Africa and Asia. Within a couple of minutes after arriving at Crex about 7:00am the bird was located near to where it has been reported over 1 week ago. That location was south and east of the intersection of County Road F and Abel Road. A couple of hours later we relocated the duck just north of that spot in the Erickson Flowage with more distant views. At that time it was very active for awhile as it moved around to numerous spots on the flowage. The duck has been hanging out with Blue-winged Teal. It was a cloudy and cold day with steady winds making it feel like winter. Still some snow on the ground in a couple of places. A new life bird!



Binomial name: Anas querquedula

Category: Duck, Geese, and Swans

Size: 15.5” long, 24” wing span

Weight: 13 Oz.

Habitat: Common breeding habitat for this species is small shallow ponds and lakes with floating vegetation like in swamps, fields of water and freshwater marshes.

Diet: Wide range of plant seeds, pondweeds, grasses, as well some insects by skimming the water.

Nesting: The nests are in a shallow depression underneath tall plant material usually less than 100 feet from waters edge.



Garganey – male on left with 3 Blue-winged Teal on right


Garganey – male upright preening on right side with 2 Blue-winged Teal with heads under water.

Garganey - male - in front, Blue-winged Teal in back

Garganey – male – in front, Blue-winged Teal in back

Garganey - male, right

Garganey – male, right

Garganey - male back, Blue-winged Teal - male front

Garganey – male back, Blue-winged Teal – male front

Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan -Crex Meadows

Trumpeter Swan Crex Meadows

Trumpeter Swan Crex Meadows