Tufted Duck at Fresh Air Park in Winnebago County Wisconsin on April 16, 2020

Trying for the male Tufted Duck today was worth the almost 2 hour trip. This Eurasian species, very rare for the state, even North America was very exciting to finally see. On arriving at Fresh Air Park, the word was the duck had not been seen for a least an hour. Not what I wanted to hear, but doing some scoping along with other birders, I think his name was Dave from Baraboo spotted the duck! It was down shore a long ways and out from shore too. The duck went out a long ways and returned a few more times to shore but never close. It hung with some scaups a couple of times but for the most part stayed by itself. On one of its return to shore runs I snapped a couple of photos. I felt the photo was good enough for a ID shot and a memory. I tried for a Tufted Duck last year way up north on the Mississippi but missed on it, it was nice to get the bird finally on my list. Life bird for the state of Wisconsin #348. A big thank you to Jim M for finding, ID-ing the bird, getting word out and letting birders onto their property. It was a sunny day, winds not bad and temps around 40 degrees. Image was taken on April 16, 2020.

The Tufted Duck, male