Green Darner Dragonfly Migration at Lake Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on September 27, 2018

While birding Lake Park in Milwaukee this morning one could not miss the 1000,s of Green Darner Dragonflies that filled the air feeding on small insects. Walking near a woodland edge while birding and having a 100 Green Darner Dragonflies come out at you was quiet impressive, a sight to see.  The area I stayed in for a few photos was near the Erastus Wolcott statue. The dragonflies rested on lower trees and shrubs in the sun out of the wind. One limb had 9 dragonflies more less in a row but the image just did not look like much. It was a beautiful morning walking Lake Park with sun, cool temps and some light wind. Images taken or more for documentation purposes, not anything fancy. Images were taken on September 27, 2018.

2 Green Darner Dragonflies resting and warming up in the sunlight…

Note: The Green Darner Dragonfly migrates south from the Northern US to humid climate regions like Mexico and Texas. Regions like the Monarch Butterfly goes to.

4 Green Darner Dragonflies

On a Yew Shrub…

A pair resting in the warm sun…

ON a Yew…


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  1. Kurt says:

    Pretty impressive isn’t it. I was in Ozaukee C. yesterday looking for a different dragonfly species and flushed hundreds of them from the grass as I moved through the brush. These are all recently emerged and immature. They will all head south and produce another generation which will return in spring and start the cycle over again. Were you using your 400mm. If so very nicely done.

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