Lesser Yellowlegs at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 23, 2017

Birding the lakefront in Milwaukee this morning was generally quiet. A Lesser Yellowlegs at Lakeshore State Park was probably the highlight in the places I stopped at. It did a little feeding and after awhile just took off and went east to the big lake. Other birds to note, a hand full of Northern Shovelers were still hanging around the lagoon at the park. 3 Sanderlings were present at McKinley Beach, the rest of the birds seen were just common species for this time of year. I took a few images of the Lesser Yellowlegs to share. It was an gloomy overcast days with some rain showers early with temps in the lower 50’s. Images were taken on October 23, 2017.

Lesser Yellowlegs

Binomial name: Tringa flavipes

Category: Sandpipers, Phalaropes, and Allies

Size: 10.5” long, 24” wing span

Weight:  2.8 oz

Notes: Breeds in northern Canada and Alaska, winters at coasts of southern US and Mexico.

Eyeing something up here


Going down….did it get it?

A miss…

Just walking along the shore…

Some preening…

Just finished preening…

Got something here….

Coming into shore…

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