Rufous Hummingbird at Fox Point Wisconsin on November 12, 2018

I received information on a Rufous Hummingbird that has been visiting a feeder in Fox Point Wisconsin. This species natural range is western US and western Canada. Some of these birds are known to migrate through this area in late fall. The Rufous has been a regular at the feeder there since October some time, I don’t have the date it was first seen. I arrived at about 7:45 am, and it was 2 hours before the bird showed up at the feeder. The homeowner said it had showed a couple of times before I arrived. The Rufous Hummingbird fed on the nectar for about 20-30 seconds and then flew off out of sight. I left the premises after that sighting. As of today, November 18, I heard the bird has not been seen since the day I saw it. This hatch year bird is a female. It was pretty cold with temps around 21 degrees, cloudy, but winds were low so it was not too bad out there. I was told this bird had been banded on November 8. A big thank you to the homeowner for letting a few in to see this stunning visitor. Images were taken on November 12, 2018.

The Rufous Hummingbird…

Rufous Hummingbird

Binomial name: Selasphorus rufus

Natural Range: West Coast from Alaska to Mexico and Rocky Mountains, wintering in the Gulf Coast and Southeastern Atlantic states.  They are occasionally, although rarely, found in cold-weather areas such as the Midwest due to their surprising hardiness.

Fueling up…

A step of the feeder for a second…

More fueling up…

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  1. Nan Wisherd says:

    Great photos, Jim. I hope the hummer is wired properly to fly SOUTH.

  2. Laura Wentz says:

    Pretty cool bird to see Jim!

  3. Gerald Haiar says:

    Holy cow ! I hope it made it. Brave little birds.

  4. Annie says:


  5. Haywardrch says:

    consists of the book itself

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