Trail Cam Videos of Different Birds Coming to White-tailed Deer Insides Left in a Field in Wisconsin November 2019

Nothing goes to waste! Amazing what will show up on a trail cam if White-tailed Deer insides are left in a field after dressing the animal. A friend offered me insides from a deer that he just shot with a bow.  I said why not. I set the insides in a field with a trail cam close by. I checked on it a few days later, some nice video was captured of some beautiful birds. I feel some great video to educate anyone that does not realize what goes on when we are not around, nature takes care of a lot of things. Some of the insides were frozen at times by the looks of things.

A list of videos of the different birds species below at each link:

Bald Eagle Adult video #1:


Bald Eagle Adult video #2:


Bald Eagle 3rd year video #1:


Bald Eagle 3rd year video #2–G0Ih3n5kKmE2xL4O?key=YjVJWkVIVHp5VTJrdGtmRTZ6bGJWcGZKNS1Tc2R3


Rough-legged Hawk video #1:


Rough-legged Hawk video #2:


American Crows video #1:


American Crows video #2:


Downy Woodpecker stand up to a Blue Jay video #1:


Blue Jays video #1:

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5 Responses to Trail Cam Videos of Different Birds Coming to White-tailed Deer Insides Left in a Field in Wisconsin November 2019

  1. John Rock says:

    Thank you so much. I loved the different approaches to eating. My favorite was the downy. Somebody gots to put those bluejays in their place. After deer season I would always hang fat in the trees and it was always this big symphony of hairy and downy and chickadees and nuthatches all great friends. The bluejays though!

  2. Kevin Naze says:

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing! I always leave the “extras” afield after a hunting or fishing trip and it is amazing the variety of critters that take advantage.

  3. Mary Korkor says:

    I also loved the Downy WP! thanks for sharing.

  4. Nan Wisherd says:

    Thanks for sharing the videos, Jim!

  5. jenn says:

    OMG, all those crows. Neat!

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