Loggerhead Shrike in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on April 22, 2022

I heard the report of a pair of Loggerhead Shrikes in Milwaukee County. These birds are out of their normal range which is west of the Mississippi River. I needed this bird on my Wisconsin life list so I went for it in the early morning. After about 3 hours of rain the bird just showed up. I was standing in a location over looking some wetlands and higher ground when all of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in a tree 25 feet from me. This was the only tree within 100 feet of me. As I saw the movement, I also saw the Loggerhead Shrike. It was eating something small, a couple of insects. I took a couple of quick photos and off it went. I did not try to get any closer as I was close enough. I watched the bird fly off. As it was still raining, I left, got my life bird #364 for the state of Wisconsin. It was a cold day of nonstop drizzle with some wind, my hands felt frozen at times. Image was taken on April 22, 2022.