Common Nighthawk at Greenfield Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on August 27, 2022

I made a stop at Greenfield Park this morning and the bird of the day there was a Common Nighthawk. It was perched in a deciduous tree giving great looks. While I watched it, it preened a short time, nice to see it with its eyes open. These days right now, mid to the end of August this species migrates through the state and looking up into the sky before dark you may see them flying in all directions but slowly moving south. Not uncommon to see 100 at a time. I heard peak day for migration is August 25th. I saw many last night over Waukesha County up high in the sky just looking for a few minutes. It was a day of sun with passing clouds, temps around 80 degrees, low winds. Images were on August 27, 2022.

The Common Nighthawk perched pretty…

Some of that tail showing…

Some preening…

More preening…

Another shot…

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6 Responses to Common Nighthawk at Greenfield Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on August 27, 2022

  1. Chris Rademacher says:

    How exciting to spot one at rest. Lovely photos. Thank you.

  2. Pam Skaar says:

    Great to see them doing something other than flying or sleeping.. Thanks for your great photos.

  3. Tami Anderson says:

    Thanks Jim! Great photos and bird information. 🙂

  4. ANDREW J BURISH says:

    Very nice, used to here them a lot when I was a kid!

  5. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Great captures Jim. We saw some at dusk on our way back from Milwaukee about a week ago.

  6. Dennis Kuecherer says:

    I have never photographed a Common Nighthawk. Excellent photos as per norm.

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