Iceland Gull at Frame Park on the Fox River in Waukesha on November 20, 2023

I typically stop at the Fox River in the mornings this time of year when birding and it has really been quiet. Today was the first surprise this fall with a 2nd cycle Iceland Gull, Kumlien’s subspecies. I have never seen one before on the Fox River. It is a place where Ring-billed Gulls hang out year round. A couple of Ring-billed Gulls dived at this bird while I was there, it looked like they did not want it around. After a few minutes looking up and down the river I turned around and the gull was gone, but probably still in the area. It was a gloomy morning with cloudy skies, low winds, but mild temps for this time of year. Images were taken on November 20, 2023.

The 2nd cycle Iceland Gull, Kumlien’s subspecies…

With a Ring-billed Gull…

Taking off…

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One Response to Iceland Gull at Frame Park on the Fox River in Waukesha on November 20, 2023

  1. Kym George says:

    Great Find….I don’t know how you can tell them apart it is so hard sometimes. You got some really nice shots though.

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