Long-tailed Duck at the South Milwaukee Yacht Club in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on November 4, 2023

A stop at the South Milwaukee Yacht Club gave great views of an adult male Long-tailed Duck. It was moving around for just a short time when I arrived and then rested for a good 30 minutes. Something from above caught the bird’s eye and it was up for a couple minutes before going back in the resting mode. I got some shots of the beautiful Long-tailed Duck in between resting times. I was a mostly sunny day with little winds and mild temps near 60 degrees. Images were taken on November 4, 2023

The beautiful Long-tailed Duck, male…

There is the long tail…

Resting and always watching too…

The Long-tailed Duck stretching, look at that tail!

More resting, what it did most of the time I was there…

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Window to Wildlife features the photography of Jim Edlhuber. A lifelong native of Wisconsin, Jim has been photographing wildlife for 20 years. He considers himself an avid photographer and is always trying to capture nature and wildlife through his lens. He is in several photography clubs and has won numerous awards for his work. In recent years, Jim has focused mostly on birding photography and finds it to be the most challenging.

3 Responses to Long-tailed Duck at the South Milwaukee Yacht Club in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on November 4, 2023

  1. Marilyn Runge says:

    Isn’t nature miraculous? You’ve beautifully captured another gem. The diversity these fellow species should be a lesson to us humans.

  2. Laura says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures. I never even knew that this beautiful duck exists. Your photography is amazing.

  3. Elaine says:

    Jim, you’ve captured the many faces of this exquisite bird. The beautiful feathers extended – fragile yet perfectly aligned. The ear muffs, touch of pink on the bill give him a child-like appearance, gentle, vulnerable. This bird is poetry on the water. Thank you for sharing him!

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