Rock Lake Icehenge in Lake Mills Wisconsin on February 5, 2015

I got the report of the “Rock Lake Icehenge” early this morning on Rock Lake in Lake Mills Wisconsin. What an awesome piece of art! I had some free time and thought I would check it out. It was a cool but different type of photo opportunity. I got out on ice and gave it a shot with the camera. This is a very interesting piece of art, and cool as how it was made. The ice was actually cut near the structure, dragged over to the site and the upper pieces muscled up on top. It was put together well considering lake ice.  The ice is even on the structure as the way it sits in the lake. It was a cold day out on the lake with a high of only 12 and stiff winds. Thanks to the team of guys that put this art piece together and a great job doing it, sharing their talents, and getting the word out for others to see and photograph too! I have to admit it was a challenge to get some shots!





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2 Responses to Rock Lake Icehenge in Lake Mills Wisconsin on February 5, 2015

  1. Nancy Nabak says:

    Whoa! The artist in you is letting loose and having a ball! Look at all of those sun bursts and ranges! Totally rock star material! Love, love, love!

  2. Annette says:

    AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

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