Snowy Owl at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on November 28, 2017

Starting out birding at Lakeshore State Park in the morning provided great views of a not only the beautiful Purple Sandpiper I recently reported, but also a stunning Snowy Owl. Walking the paths at the park the Snowy Owl was found sitting in a large rock area between some rocks. Staying a good distance away motionless I sat for about 20 minutes and then the bird perched up on a higher rock for another 20 minutes. Under no pressure, I was waiting patiently for a flight shot, the owl eventually took flight and flew over and landed middle of the walk bridge to the island and landed on the railing. A woman walking walked up the bridge not even seeing owl along with a gull all came together at once and I heard a scream! The owl flew to the fishing pier to where I was near. The Snowy Owl sat on the hand railing there for about 15 minutes before a family walked out on the fishing pier for a family photo shoot with the skyline not seeing the owl. The owl flushed across the lagoon to some rocks near the water. It took 3 drinks in front of a handful of Mallards. There was not interaction between the Snowy Owl and ducks. After about 15 minutes at that location the Snowy Owl flew to the north out of sight. Maybe out to a breakwall. The Snowy Owl put on an amazing show. I stopped at Lakeshore State Park this morning for some general birding, no sign of the Snowy Owl, it is hanging out some where else I guess. That Lakeshore State Park sure presents some great birds on an annual basis, wow! Images were taken on November 28, 2017.

Images are in order of the way the events happened…

Hanging out between some big rocks at the park…

Always looking around in all directions for predators…

Perches up on a large rock, then minutes later the Snowy Owl flies to the walk bridge to the island at the park…

Always looking around in all directions for predators…tail up, looks like he is about to fly….

Here the Snowy Owl flies to the walk bridge to the island and lands on the railing, then the walker comes along… and it flushes to the fishing pier

Flying to the fishing pier…

Perched on the fishing pier railing…

Moments before the family walks up the ramp to the fishing pier…

The Snowy Owl flies across to this location and immediately takes a drink, a total of 3 here as the Mallards go about their business…

It appeared there was absolutely interaction between the ducks and the Snowy Owl…


Right after a drink…

After the drink and some passing time, the Snowy Owl takes to the sky and heads north out of sight…

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12 Responses to Snowy Owl at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on November 28, 2017

  1. Ed says:

    Great Story and Pics – Thanks

  2. Thomas Wood says:

    Very nice sequence, Jim. I’ve never seen one of these owls drink before, so that is an interesting observation. Your photos are so good, that in a couple of them the owl appears to be looking intently at me from the computer screen! Excellent work.

  3. Nan Wisherd says:

    Great photos again, Jim! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pat Maga says:

    Amazing interaction with the mallards! How did they know the owl wasn’t looking for a quick meal?:-)

  5. Bob Fritsch says:

    Very nice story & captures as always Jim! f8 & be there… 😉

  6. Robin Gates says:

    I am always amazed at your photos. Thanks for posting them.

  7. Anita says:

    I could hardly wait for these to load on my iPad. Absolutely stunning!

  8. Valerie Reno-Smith says:

    Jim this is a very special and wonderful series and accounting of the event.

  9. Kathi L Johnson Rock says:

    Jim, beautiful photos and lovely story that they tell. Thank you for once again sharing these special images of a spectacular bird with all of us!!

  10. Joanie says:

    Great photos & story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Genie Ogden says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for recording this.

  12. Stacy says:

    Great set of images and wonderful story Jim! Those are some lucky mallards too! Thanks for sharing.

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