Northern Flickers eating Staghorn Sumac seeds at Lake Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on April 17, 2018

While birding Lake Park in Milwaukee one of the highlights was watching the Northern Flickers, yellow-shafted feeding on a couple of clumps of Staghorn Sumac plantings in a ravine. 3 or 4 different Northern Flickers hit these plants hard for seeds probably with anticipated snow coming and the ground having 4″-5″ of fresh snow down now. I have never seen Northern Flickers on sumac before. Very many American Robins and Black-capped Chickadees hit these plants hard too while I was there, even a brief stop by a pair of Eastern Bluebirds even checked out the seeds but did not stay. I think of the different species of birds that have hit these plants over the years is amazing, and this is just a couple of plants I am sort of watching. It was a cloud day with brief sunlight, cold temps around 30 degrees and winds off the lake, made for a cold day out there. Images were taken on April 17, 2018.

Northern Flicker, Yellow-shafted

Binomial name: Colaptes auratus

Category: Woodpeckers and Allies

Size: 12.5” long, 20” wingspan

Weight: 4.6 Oz