Say’s Phoebe at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on May 2, 2022

While out birding I heard of a report of the rare for this area, a Say’s Phoebe at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee County. The normal range for this species is western Dakota’s and west. I was only a few minutes so I made the run over there mid morning. After about 15 minutes the bird was found in a small tree east of the pond. It went for a couple of gnats and then flew off. It had not been seen for a while but then it was relocated mid afternoon. A big thank you to Steve L for finding this bird and getting the word out to others. It was a cloudy day with mild temps finally. Images were taken on May 2, 2022.

The Say’s Phoebe perched in a tree in a small field at the cemetery…

Another look…



Say’s Phoebe at Goose Lake Park in Dane County Wisconsin on March 29, 2016

I woke up and decided at that time to try for the Say’s Phoebe that was found yesterday at Goose Lake Park in Dane County. I figured a bird like this would be a one day wonder, but being so rare for Wisconsin, a bird from the western US,  and nothing else going on today, try for it. I was told it is a 5th Wisconsin state record today. Traffic was horrible around Madison but I finally arrived about 8:30 to about a dozen birders that already looked like it was going to be a long day! A few birders had split off and had been doing some looking around  in other areas. It was pretty cool out and I actually went back to my car for my big winter coat. When returning to an area where some birders were grouped up they all took off running, well most of them! I knew at that time things my be getting good, that might have been seen. Michael Gray had just located the bird straight south of the short grass area, along ways off, thanks Michael! After a good run, there the bird was feeding and resting, just like a flycatcher does. It is a very big area and moved around a lot and never really came close to anyone. What an exciting morning getting another life bird and seeing some birders I have not seen for awhile! Thanks to Jim Schwarz for finding this bird and getting the word out for others to see it. I hope it hangs around awhile for others to see. Images were taken on March 29, 2016.


Say’s Phoebe

Binomial name: Sayornis saya

Category: Tyrant Flycatchers

Size: 7” long, 13” wing span

Weight: 0.74 oz

Cool fact: Western US bird found here in Wisconsin. Normal Range is western Dakota’s south to western Texas and west.