Rock Lake Icehenge in Lake Mills Wisconsin on January 29, 2019

I got text late last night from a friend that the “Icehenge” on Rock Lake has returned in 2019. This location is on Rock Lake in Lake Mills Wisconsin. I thought for sure today I was up doing a photo op in Antarctica with the day starting at -9F with a high of a -6F winds were 30 mph plus! The Icehenge, what an awesome piece of art and put together well by a group of local artists and craftsmen. It was similar to the Icehenge the group put up in the years 2015 and 2016. The ice for the Icehenge was actually cut near the structure, dragged over to the site and the upper pieces muscled up on top. There is a small structure that is put up near Icehenge a couple hundred feet away called an “altar”. Images of the altar are below. When standing in the middle of the Icehenge as the sun sets on a day very soon, the sun should set on the top of the altar and light should point to the middle of the Icehenge location. I was told this a couple years ago, the math was done on this, and if that actually happens is yet to be seen. It was a fun photo op for a few minutes on a cold and windy day with temps starting at -9F, the high for the day there was -6F out on the lake. Thanks Paula for the text! Images were taken on January 29, 2019.

The “Icehenge” as it looked today around noon!

The “Alter” way out…

As the snow blew…

When I arrived things were calm…

The Icehenge with the altar off in a distance…

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6 Responses to Rock Lake Icehenge in Lake Mills Wisconsin on January 29, 2019

  1. Nancy Nabak says:

    Crazy Cool! For real! Thanks for clicking these so I could share the moment. Went to Stonehenge in college…thanks for the cool trip!

  2. Dwight Wages says:

    I’ve been to the real Stonehenge many times. And this is very impressive and cool with the clear ice allowing interesting images. Even better than the real thing.

  3. Quetzal says:

    Really enjoyed this series of photos! Well done.

  4. Chris Carlson says:

    Neat! Fun photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wendy Kubokawa-Wells says:

    Love your photos. Was the walk out far? Is it from the main beach? Nice to show my grandson.

  6. Karen L Miskimen says:

    Is Icehenge up this winter?

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