Anna’s Hummingbird at Wauwatosa in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on November 15, 2016

I got an email from a friend Kathi R. that a Anna’s Hummingbird was visiting her friend Jennifer’s yard in Wauwatosa Wisconsin. This rare visiting bird is a young male. Jennifer wanted images of the bird and asked me to try for some. Jennifer for many reasons could not have the general public stopping over at this time. Now she has given permission for others to come see this stunning Anna’s Hummingbird 11/18/16. I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this and did not pass it up. Jennifer said she noticed the Anna’s Hummingbird in her yard going back to at least October 27, 2016, so who knows how long the bird has been there? This bird was banded on November 14, 2016 by Cynthia B along with her assistant Paula S. in Jennifer’s yard. I arrived the day after the banding on November 15 and the bird was present for most of the time I was there from 8am-1pm. The bird only hit the nectar feeders once in that period. Amazingly, Jennifer still had very many blooming plants in her yard for this bird to get nectar from. For the time I was there, the bird mostly perched on a telephone line or in a honeysuckle bush, preening and resting. It feed a few times on some flowering plants out of view, and a couple times in the more open. Jennifer considers herself a hummingbird, butterfly and bee enthusiast, her small yard is filled with plants and acts as an oases for hummingbirds in the fall, probably why the Anna’s Hummingbird is there, and hung around so long. All her hard work with habitat in her yard has paid off with the reward of an Anna’s Hummingbird! The morning started out foggy and then turned to cloudy skies with cool winds from the west for the duration of my visit. I did not see this bird in the sunlight, I bet it sparkles to no end! The normal range for this bird is west coast of the US, western Canada up into southern Alaska. 1 or 2 Anna’s seem to be seen here in Wisconsin every fall, but I am not sure on those numbers. Images were taken on November 15, 2016.


Anna’s Hummingbird

Binomial name: Calypte anna

Category: Hummingbirds

Size: 4″ long, 5.25” wingspan

Weight: 0.15 oz
























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9 Responses to Anna’s Hummingbird at Wauwatosa in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on November 15, 2016

  1. Spence says:

    Amazing how the angles of light reflect off the feathering from different shots! As per usual, beautiful bird, beautiful photos!

  2. Rita Flores Wiskowski says:

    Sweet! I was told of this bird by another of Jennifer’s friends and came to see it this morning. It was quite vocal and active. It never once went to any hummingbird feeder, just her many flowering plants. Your photos, as always, are amazing.

  3. Vinod Baskaran says:

    Beautiful collection of a beautiful bird.

  4. Your photos are wonderful….what a little jewel. I’m glad to ” see ” it here in Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

  5. birdfan says:

    Are those flowers bleeding heart varietals?

  6. Annie Mueller says:

    Wow….for this time of the year! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gerald Haiar says:

    Great pictures and very nice to see a “birdyard” paying off !

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