Golden-crowned Sparrow in Calumet County Wisconsin on April 7, 2020

A Golden-crowned Sparrow was reported 4 days ago coming to a feeder in Calumet County. This reported bird far out of its normal range being California did not disappoint. After almost 3 hours the bird gave a brief appearance, enough for an ID but 5 Brown-headed Cowbirds and a chipmunk chased it away. About an hour later the bird reappeared and gave nice views at a distance for about 1 minute plus. It stayed under the feeder, ate some seeds and then disappeared once again. A big thank you goes out to the kind homeowners who have let birders in to try for this cool visitor. Well worth the wait for this exciting bird though as I remember the last time I tried for this species. It was in Winsdor WI, back about 6-7 years ago, waited for a the bird to show on on the back porch of a home from almost sun up to sun down with high temps for the day of only 20 degrees. The bird never showed. I think it was January of the year. Oh how bad I wanted this bird on my life list! Toda was a mild day, temps around 60 degrees, little wind, mostly sunny skies. Image was taken on April 7, 2020.

Golden-crowned Sparrow

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5 Responses to Golden-crowned Sparrow in Calumet County Wisconsin on April 7, 2020

  1. John Rock says:

    Wow! Love it with all the shoots coming up. I’m so glad you got that. Thankyou. That bird must be on a serious Flyabout.

  2. Gerald Haiar says:

    Spectacular! Way to go !

  3. Annie says:

    Hi Jim, what a feeling! We visited these “open armed” land owners today and after an hour and a half of watching their feeders and snow showers in between, this rare find showed up with a White-crowned Sparrow and walla! There he was. Both of us came equipped with binoculars, but mainly the cameras. A moment never to forget. Actually we only live less than ten miles form there.

  4. Nell Bean says:

    Just saw Golden Crown Sparrow in Burnett County Wi.July 13, 2020 1720. It was clearly visible and sitting on a branch. I had no idea what it was and looked it up on Cornell site. Then I was amazed it is way out of its range. It looked just like Cornell photo.

  5. MaryAnn Collar says:

    We had a golden crowned sparrow hit our window in Sister Bay yesterday, March 30, 2021. After hitting our window the little bird sat dazed on our front walk for about 40 minutes, until it flew past our window and into the woods. We didn’t know what type of bird it was until I looked it up this morning. I only wish that we had snapped a photo!

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