Golden-crowned Sparrow in Calumet County Wisconsin on April 7, 2020

A Golden-crowned Sparrow was reported 4 days ago coming to a feeder in Calumet County. This reported bird far out of its normal range being California did not disappoint. After almost 3 hours the bird gave a brief appearance, enough for an ID but 5 Brown-headed Cowbirds and a chipmunk chased it away. About an hour later the bird reappeared and gave nice views at a distance for about 1 minute plus. It stayed under the feeder, ate some seeds and then disappeared once again. A big thank you goes out to the kind homeowners who have let birders in to try for this cool visitor. Well worth the wait for this exciting bird though as I remember the last time I tried for this species. It was in Winsdor WI, back about 6-7 years ago, waited for a the bird to show on on the back porch of a home from almost sun up to sun down with high temps for the day of only 20 degrees. The bird never showed. I think it was January of the year. Oh how bad I wanted this bird on my life list! Toda was a mild day, temps around 60 degrees, little wind, mostly sunny skies. Image was taken on April 7, 2020.

Golden-crowned Sparrow