Red Fox at the Milwaukee Lakefront October 5, 2014

While birding on the Milwaukee Wisconsin Lakefront today I came across a Red Fox. Out taking a nap in the sun on a cold October day. Images were taken on October 5, 2014.


Red Fox

Scientific name: Vulpes vulpes

Type: Mammal

Habitat: Forests, grasslands, mountains, savanna, agricultural lands and deserts. Red Foxes can also adapt to farms, suburban areas and sometimes cities.

Average life span in the wild: 2 to 4 years

Size: Head and body, 18-33.75 inches

Weight: 6.5 to 24 lbs

Diet: Fruit, vegetables, fish, frogs, rabbits, birds and rodents in the wild. If living in a human environment they may include in the diet garbage and pet food.

Range: Northern hemisphere from the arctic circle to Central American. They can also be found in Northern Africa and central Asia.






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