Snowy Owl at the Lake Express Ferry in Milwaukee Wisconsin on November, 6 2017

The highlight on the Milwaukee lakefront this morning was a Snowy Owl at the Lake Express Ferry. It only hung around resting on top of a container for a couple of minutes before took off and landed on the breakwall. A majestic bird that always makes you stare at it. It was a cold day with temps around 35 degrees and some sun and a breeze. Images were taken on November 6, 2017

Snowy Owl

Binomial name: Bubo scandiacus

Category: Typical Owls

Description: Adult males are mostly white with a few dark feather tips.  Adult females and juveniles are white with dark scalloping on chest, back, wings, and tail.  Yellow eyes, black beak, and feathery feet.

Size: 20”- 28” long, 49” – 59” wingspan

Weight: 3.5 lb. – 6.6 lb.

Habitat: Wide open, treeless spaces such as shorelines, lakes, open fields, and agricultural sites.

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One Response to Snowy Owl at the Lake Express Ferry in Milwaukee Wisconsin on November, 6 2017

  1. Kurt J Huebner says:

    Great shots as always. I got skunked last year trying to image a snowy. Is there a best time to observe these owls at the lakefront. Noticed that there were a fair number of reports in the last few days.

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