Snowy Plover at South Metro in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on July 22, 2021

I saw the report of a Snowy Plover at South Metro and decided to take a chance to get this life bird on my Wisconsin life list. Jessica H found this bird and got the word out. It was 7:15 PM and they lock the gate at 8:00 pm. I took off, got there and after going down the 121 steps, the security guard told me, turn around sir! He was kicking out a couple of young kids fishing and then me. A girl in the parking lot there told me there was a path along a fence line. I found it and went down the bluff walking through acres of poison ivy, not me friend. After finally getting to the beach I found the bird. #360. I hope the bird hangs around for others to see it. New image taken on July 23, 2021

The Snowy Plover


The Snowy Plover walking on the algae near the water…

The Snowy Plover resting. It did this 95% of the time I was there…

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  1. Hugh Harvey says:


    Hope the poison ivy doesn’t ruin your next two weeks.

    Hugh Harvey
    Walnut reek, CA

  2. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Great capture Jim! Congrats!!

  3. Cliff Price says:


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