Merlins in Sawyer County Wisconsin on July 2, 2016

I found a nesting pair of Merlins last week while up in Sawyer County. These birds remained at tree tops when I saw them waiting for prey. I can see why they call this bird a small powerful falcon as it must hear or see prey off in a distant and then they take off like a bullet from the tree tops, they are out of sight in a couple of seconds. Amazing to see this bird in action, but it was very difficult to photograph it with tall pine trees in the area. I saw it fly to the nest on numerous occasions with prey and in the nest too, likely feeding young. Amazing birds! Images were taken the last week in June 2016.

These images are not very sharp but I wanted to share this amazing bird.



Binomial name: Falco columbarius

Category: Caracaras and Falcons

Size: 10” long, 24” wing span

Weight: 6.5 oz


Just before takeoff






Typically perched on a tall pine tree close to the nest tree

The nest up very high

The nest up very high