Yellow-throated Warbler at the Fox River Sanctuary in Waukesha Wisconsin on May 15, 2019

After birding for a good part of the day and getting home, I was surprised to see the report of the male Yellow-throated Warbler a few miles from me by Tim Hahn. I decided to chase over there and try for it. After birding for awhile I ran into Greg N there we we birded together for about 20 minutes. While birding I spotted Tim and Pat H there. They took us to where they had seen the Yellow-throated Warbler. After about 5 minutes, the bird appeared.  It hung around for 3-4 minutes and then flew off. I have only heard this bird at Wyalusing State Park, so not a lifer, but sure nice to finally see one right here in Waukesha. Thanks to Tim Hahn for getting the word out on this bird. I hope the bird hangs around in case others want to try for it. A pleasant afternoon it was. Images were taken on May 15, 2019.