Killdeer chicks in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on June 3, 2024

While birding the Milwaukee County lakefront I came across a couple of Killdeer chicks. 2 adults were close by with one sitting on a nest. It was a beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine, cool temps early and low winds. Images were taken on June 3, 2024.

Killdeer chick stretching…

Adult Killdeer on the nest close by…

Killdeer adult just in the area…

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Window to Wildlife features the photography of Jim Edlhuber. A lifelong native of Wisconsin, Jim has been photographing wildlife for 20 years. He considers himself an avid photographer and is always trying to capture nature and wildlife through his lens. He is in several photography clubs and has won numerous awards for his work. In recent years, Jim has focused mostly on birding photography and finds it to be the most challenging.

3 Responses to Killdeer chicks in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on June 3, 2024

  1. Marilyn Runge says:

    Such sweet little beings!
    Thanks for being our extra eyes.

  2. Elaine Swanson says:

    Oh my heavens, what could be more vulnerable, fragile, delicate than a baby killdeer! And you captured that endearing form stretching for joy! Precious. The adult has such an expressive face, a touch of sad near her eyes. She’s known the loss of eggs to predation. Yet here she is, watching two of her chicks foraging, stretching, loving life! And maybe she feels more life beneath her. Such a beautiful scene! Thank you, Jim!

  3. Dennis Kuecherer says:

    Nice as usual

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