Western Grebe at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 24, 2016

I made a run down to Milwaukee’s lakefront this morning to see if the Western Grebe was still present. It was, and I located the bird east of Discovery World but it was on the move and headed south. It spent the rest of the morning at the south end of Lakeshore State Park on the lake side. The bird has hung around now for at least 6 days. It typically hangs out with American Coots but sometimes was seen near Mallards too. A stunning bird out of it’s normal range from the dakotas and west just visiting our area. How long will it hang around? I guess time will tell. A sunny morning with some clouds early, cold northeast winds off the lake, it felt like winter is coming. Images were taken on October 24, 2016.


Western Grebe

Binomial name: Aechmophorus occidentalis

Category: Grebes

Size: 25” long, 24” wing span

Weight: 3.3 lb





Best friends!

Best friends!





Coming around the corner

Coming around the corner



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5 Responses to Western Grebe at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 24, 2016

  1. Annie says:

    Once again…superb pictures for us to enjoy….and we didn’t even feel that NE wind:) Thanks Jim.

  2. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Very pretty photos Jim. Love them!

    We had our last hummingbird here on October 20—not bad for the City of Madison!

  3. Gerald Haiar says:

    Very nice sequence Jim. Thanx.

  4. Spence says:

    Hey Buddy found him yesterday 5pm in same lagoon. Trust you are well. Spence

  5. Great images Jim! What camera set-up do you use (camera, lens, etc.) Thanks!

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