Western Meadowlark at Bender Park in Oak Creek Wisconsin on April 18, 2016

I made the trip to Bender Park early this morning to see if the Western Meadowlark was still present from yesterdays report. It was and gave nice views, singing and finding food too. What a beautiful bird! The call was right, the dotted and not streaks along the sides matched too along with the yellow malar. I was happy to see this bird this morning and get it on my state life list as I have tried numerous times before and came up empty. A big thank you to Steve L for finding this bird and Rita and David for getting the word out about it being present for others to see it. Images were taken on April 18, 2016.


Calling in the early morning sun

Western Meadowlark

Binomial name: Sturnella neglecta

Category: Blackbirds

Size: 9.5” long, 14.5” wing span

Weight: 3.4 oz






Finding something to eat

Finding something to eat





In flight!

In flight!





Hunting for food

Hunting for food


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4 Responses to Western Meadowlark at Bender Park in Oak Creek Wisconsin on April 18, 2016

  1. Ed Means says:

    Congrats on your state life’s list. Nice Pics!

  2. Gerald Haiar says:

    We have plenty of Western Meadowlarks here in Portage County at the Buena Vista grasslands but I never tried to sort them out by sight, just by song. Will try now; there are Easterns in the same fields.

  3. Annie says:

    Nice. I too never have paid close attention to which I was seeing. I will now!!!!!!! Thanks Jim.

  4. Laura Wentz says:

    Wow, so many wonderful photos Jim.

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