Wood Duck on the Pewaukee River in Pewaukee Wisconsin on March 7, 2015

After reading the post of the male Wood Duck on the Pewaukee River in Pewaukee this afternoon I just had to check it out. This is just down the road when it comes to birding. It was present when I arrived with a few onlookers. It was hanging out with some Mallards. What a beautiful duck with its striking colors, oh my! A Red-tailed Hawk came in twice looking for dinner but left empty. A skateboarder came by and flushed all the ducks from the river with the sound of his board. A big thank you to Christine L for posting her find sharing it with others. It sure was nice to be out with some milder temps. Images were taken on March 7, 2015.


Wood Duck

Binomial name: Aix sponsa

Category: Ducks, Geese, and Swans

Size: 18.5” long, 30” wing span

Weight: 1.3 lb




























The back view

The back view


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5 Responses to Wood Duck on the Pewaukee River in Pewaukee Wisconsin on March 7, 2015

  1. Annie Mueller says:

    Absolutely georgeous , Jim. What fine pics. The male Woody is included in my top five birds. Thanks for always sharing your finds.

  2. Dory Owen says:

    Spectacular close-ups of a gorgeous bird.
    Female wood ducks must be verrrry persnickety because that male is sellin’ it with that plumage.

  3. Patrick Dean says:

    love them all – tho the 6th from the bottom shot – full on frontal with wings spread is my fave! great captures, as always, Jim! got any of the red tail making passes on the woodie?

  4. Teddy says:

    great pics Jim, it’s like he was posing for you. thanks for sharing.

  5. Stewart says:

    Sharper than sharp. Making me want to work harder at my picture taking. Outstanding!

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