Allen’s Hummingbird in Green County Wisconsin on December 18, 2020

The report of the Allen’s Hummingbird had me very excited, and a 1st state record for Wisconsin too. The normal range for this hummingbird is the coast of California, SE Arizona and Mexico. It is so far out of it’s range! I hope it survives in the days ahead and finds it’s way home. The homeowner Mista, saw the hummingbird out side one day before Thanksgiving and put a feeder out. It has been there since, going on a month. After that, Mista wanted the word out that anyone that wants to see this bird is welcome and a big thank you goes out to her. Upon arriving at her home, and going to the feeder area, the bird was present drinking. I hung around for a couple of drinking sessions and left. The bird pretty much sat at the feeder while it showed, photos were hard to get. An exciting day, Wisconsin life bird #358. A chilly morning at 19 but winds were calm, mostly cloudy. Image was taken on December 18, 2020.

The Allen’s Hummingbird, a little blurry, at a distance near the feeder…

Allen’s Hummingbird in a tree off a ways from the feeder taking a break…

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5 Responses to Allen’s Hummingbird in Green County Wisconsin on December 18, 2020

  1. Gisela Zelenka-Drysdale says:

    Thanks for these photos, Jim. Even seeing the photos of this bird is a treat.

    Congratulations on WI birds #357 and 358!

  2. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Beautiful images Jim. We are so lucky to have this bird in Wisconsin and exciting to have a state record.

  3. Genie Ogden says:

    Thank you for the photos. How unusual to see a hummingbird so late.

  4. Pamela says:

    Just a heads up The bird I named : Mista P. And my name is Pam Lehnherr

  5. Laura says:

    So cool! I see others like Costas in Arizona. Have never seen this one though.

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