American Avocet at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on May 2, 2021

I checked the Milwaukee lakefront beaches early morning and they were empty. I decided to look for a few warblers at Lake Park, it was pretty birdie but after awhile thought I would check out a few other places. I decided to check the beach at Lakeshore State Park once more before leaving the lakefront. I’m glad I did as there was one lone American Avocet. It was not real active, I think just taking a break from maybe a long flight. While viewing the Avocet a Hudsonian Godwit made a very brief appearance. It was on the beach for maybe 15-30 seconds and off it went. It landed on the opposite end of the beach from where I was, another birder captured a photo for an ID. It was a beautiful morning with mostly sunny skies, low winds and temps in the 60’s to start. Images were taken on May 2, 2021.

The American Avocet…

American Avocet in flight…pedestrians on the beach not knowingly flushed the bird on a few occasions but it usually returned to the beach area…

Here getting something to eat maybe…

So beautiful!

At takeoff…

That bill…

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6 Responses to American Avocet at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on May 2, 2021

  1. JOY C BANYAS says:

    Beautiful photos, Jim!

  2. Pam Skaar says:

    I thought female with the bill, too.

  3. Joan Schrinner says:


  4. Marilyn Runge says:

    Splendid bird, spectacular pix!

  5. Joanie says:

    Awesome photos, Jim. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cathy says:

    Really striking colors reminds me of a Cedar Waxwing coloring to which it makes it so soft looking. Amazing what God creates, hey?

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