Crested Caracara at Marengo in Ashland County Wisconsin on May 29, 2024

I got a report that the Crested Caracara was seen a second day at Marengo in Ashland County. This bird is so rare to Wisconsin as this is only the 2nd state record! The bird’s normal range is southern Texas, Mexico and south into South America, it is a long way from home! My wife Deb and I were traveling to central Wisconsin from Waukesha when the report came in. She said, let’s just go try for the Crested Caracara! I’m on board so we continued on the ride for the total 5 1/2 hour trip. Upon arriving at the known location, the bird was in a tree on the other side of a large field. After about 20 minutes it flew to the north to another field and landed as it was onto something. I never saw it pick anything up. After another 25 minutes or so, the Crested Caracara flew farther away and landed in a dead tree on the other side of the field it was in. After a few minutes we decided it was time to head south and continue on our daily plan. It was a beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine, low winds and a pleasant temperature at around 60 degrees. It was so exciting and another Wisconsin life bird #380!

The Crested Caracara…


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11 Responses to Crested Caracara at Marengo in Ashland County Wisconsin on May 29, 2024

  1. Jeanne Kreher Van Galder says:

    Wow. Impressive.
    Grew up in Ashland. Now near LaCrosse Wisconsin.

  2. Kym George says:

    Oh my gosh what a cool looking bird!!

  3. Thomas E. Kuenzli says:

    Well done, great pics!

  4. Helen Bolgrien says:

    #380! Great photos, Jim!

  5. Wendy says:

    So friggin cool!

  6. Hugh b. Harvey says:

    Great job, Jim. Watching you from California.

  7. Kurt says:

    He is cool. But definitely lost! Nice Jim

  8. mary says:

    So happy for you that your willingness to “give the Caracara a try” was rewarded !!

  9. Laura says:

    So very cool thanks for sharing

  10. Ross R Buckner says:

    I see these all over Brazil when I travel there. I had no idea they were ever this far north.

  11. Wendy says:

    So friggin cool! I love the picture with the cow.

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