Eastern Kingbirds fledging the nest at Greenfield Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on July 7, 2018

There is a Eastern Kingbird nest many birders have been watching for the last month at Greenfield Park. Today was the day and an amazing day watching the young leave the nest, I just happened to be there. Two adults have been feeding the young right along for the month plus at in the nest. All of the sudden, a fledgling on the top edge of the nest, then out it flew about 2 feet. A minute later up popped up another fledgling in the nest and up on the edge of the nest it went. That bird flew a little farther, about 4 feet from the nest. Adults came around and feed them a few times rotating between birds. At one time and adult bird  landed next to a fledgling and preened. A moment later the fledgling preened too, just like class! It was so fun to watch all this in a few minutes. It was a gorgeous day with perfect temps, 70, full sun, with a light breeze. Images were taken on July 7, 2018.

1st Eastern Kingbird fledgling ready to make the maiden flight from the nest.

Makes the landing a couple feet from the nest with a little struggle with balance at first…

Looking back at the nest where it just came from…

An adult lands at the nest and checks on the 2nd young bird…

1st bird is calling to the adult losing some balance…

The adult says to the young, it is time to leave the nest with the 1st bird behind it…

The 2nd fledgling lands about 4 feet from the nest and the adult quickly lands next to it…

1st fledgling calling for an adult…

The adult comes over and preens in front of the fledgling to show how it is done…

Seconds later, the fledgling preens just like the adult did…

The adult feeds the 1st bird…

Another feeding to the first fledgling…


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10 Responses to Eastern Kingbirds fledging the nest at Greenfield Park in Milwaukee County Wisconsin on July 7, 2018

  1. Peggy Lison says:

    Really nice sequence Jim!!! thanks for these pics
    Cheers from Peggy in Madison

  2. Annie says:

    Awesome series, Jim. Have not found a Kingbird nest but will keep looking. Thanks for sharing your find.

  3. Joan Schrinner says:

    Wow, Jim! I guess you were in the right place at the right time! Wonderful photos!

  4. Pam Skaarh says:

    Thanks. I’ll be on the lookout for Eastern Kingbirds with short tails and short bills when I’m atlasing.

  5. Thomas Wood says:

    Excellent timing, Jim. Other people may have seen baby birds leaving the nest and the feeding of these young, but I don’t imagine too many of us have seen the adult giving the fledgling preening lessons! Good photos and commentary. Thank you.

  6. Nan Wisherd says:

    The wonders of nature. Thanks for sharing, Jim.

  7. Barb & Ken Wardius says:


  8. Chris says:

    Great series of photos. I’ve come back to view a few times.

  9. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Amazing images Jim. Love the story they tell. Congratulations on a great job!!

  10. Gisela says:

    Such a beautiful series of photos, Jim. So interesting to see these momentous moments for the parents and the young. Wonderful work!

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