Willets at South Shore Park in Bayview Wisconsin on April 30, 2023

With all the excitement at Sheridan Park with the Flame-colored Tanager there was also something going on nearby at South Shore Park in Bayview. 3 Willets were present getting things to eat and I’m sure also a rest stop in their trip flying north to their breeding grounds. Always nice … Continue reading

Flame-colored Tanager at Sheridan Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on April 30, 2023

After reading some reports late Saturday night of Western Tanager reported that was misidentified and now was considered a Flame-colored Tanager sounded very exciting. From what I heard this species had only been reported a couple times in the south western US, Arizona and Texas so it is so very … Continue reading

Sandhill Cranes painting themselves at Delafield in Waukesha County Wisconsin on March 5, 2023

I saw another amazing birding event today in Delafield in Waukesha County. Sandhill Cranes painting themselves by preening mud on and into their feathers. They are known to do this to change their colors to blend in more with their surroundings at nesting time. It is said that iron oxide … Continue reading

Mandarin Duck at South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin on February 10, 2023

Word was out that the Mandarin Duck that was seen last December and early January had returned to South Shore Yacht Club in Milwaukee this morning. If it is the same duck, probably is, it was hiding somewhere else for about the last month. Anyways it put on a nice … Continue reading