Sandhill Cranes in Waukesha County on February 7, 2021

One of my birding stops today provided nice looks at 4 Sandhill Cranes in Waukesha County. These 4 never migrated and have hung around all winter in the area. The weather today, -8 degrees when I was there and for the next week is very cold for them.  I hope they will hang in there and then temps will start to moderate soon. They are in a location with open water and hopefully they will get things to eat there. Sunny with a light breeze today. Images were taken on February 7, 2021.

Sandhill Cranes, the 4 of them…

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6 Responses to Sandhill Cranes in Waukesha County on February 7, 2021

  1. Bonnie Becker says:

    Nice pictures.

  2. Linda Check says:

    Beautiful pics!! Love the Sandhills; very interesting to see how their population and habits have changed over the years. I think they are withstanding the temps better than I am.

  3. Robyn Wood says:

    Beautiful! And I thought my robins were crazy.

  4. Patricia Keuck says:

    Super! I hope they make it through this week. They are inspirational!

  5. Genie Ogden says:

    I didn’t know that any cranes stayed here in Winter. I hope they are okay. Thanks for the photos!

  6. Plant says:

    Been hearing a sandhill crane in southeastern Wisconsin the last few days. We do have some open most all of time due to pond and river overflow area, but the few that are here normally migrate.

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