Snowy Owl at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on December 3, 2019

Birding Lakeshore State Park this morning in Milwaukee I came across a Snowy Owl sitting on a deck. I hide out of sight and took a couple of shots. A walker with a dog on a leash near the area must have caught the eyes of the Snowy Owl as it suddenly flew off. It was a brief moment to see this beautiful Snowy Owl. This Snowy Owl looks like the one I photographed in a different area along the lake yesterday. It was a beautiful morning with cloudy skies to state giving way to sun later in the morning with temps around 30 degrees, but a stiff west wind. Images were taken on December 3, 2019.

The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl possibly looking at the walker with the dog on a leash ahead.

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Window to Wildlife features the photography of Jim Edlhuber. A lifelong native of Wisconsin, Jim has been photographing wildlife for 20 years. He considers himself an avid photographer and is always trying to capture nature and wildlife through his lens. He is in several photography clubs and has won numerous awards for his work. In recent years, Jim has focused mostly on birding photography and finds it to be the most challenging.

6 Responses to Snowy Owl at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on December 3, 2019

  1. John Rock says:

    I love how its design looks like lifting moths or butterflies and the one talon. Thank you for the great shots.

  2. Jennifer Holter says:

    I like how your photos make it seem like you are close enough to coo to the bird, yet I know in reality you stay far back.

  3. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Great photos Jim!!

  4. Nan Wisherd says:

    Truly a gorgeous bird!

  5. Hi: I love your website. I live in England but will be coming to Milwaukee in a few days to visit family for Christmas. Any tips or advice you might have for seeing interesting winter birds, or perhaps getting a glimpse of a snowy owl would be greatly welcomed. My husband and I are keen photographers and also would like to know where the best places are to photograph birds.

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