White-winged Dove at Argyle in Lafayette County Wisconsin on July 17, 2016

I decided to try for the rare White-winged Dove that was reported a while back, late June in Lafayette County. With some complied information I tried my luck and the bird was found. The location of this bird was not revealed at the time because of the location. With recent updates I have received, the bird has not been seen for some time now. The bird had been hanging around this location, the town of Argyle for a couple of weeks at the time and I had been serious about getting this bird on my life list. I headed out early in the morning back on the 17th of July just as some storms were passing through the area but great weather was on the horizon. As I pulled up at the reported location, still inside the car, I heard the unique call of the White-winged Dove. I got out of the car and within a minute or so I spotted the bird high up in a deciduous tree. With a pretty good looks, at that time I confirmed the life bird. After a minute or so it flew to a very high spruce tree, from tall spruce tree to tall spruce tree it flew in couple block radius, seemed to be making the rounds. The bird did a lot of horizontal gliding when it flew so it was difficult to get a lot of the white winged action photographed of this bird. The bird also called often from each tree it went to so when I did lose it a couple times, it did not take long to re-locate it. After awhile it did leave the area and so did I. A great day birding with nice temperatures and some sun. Images were taken on July 17, 2016. The normal range for this bird is southern parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Many thanks to the finder of this bird and information provided.


White-winged Dove

Binomial name: Zenaida asiatica

Category: Pigeons and Doves

Size: 11.5” long, 19” wing span

Weight: 5 oz




The bill

The bill



This bird did a lot of tree-top to tree-top flying in the very small town of Argyle










The White-winged Dove typically hung out on tall spruce trees in the small town of Argyle

!st view of the White-winged Dove high up in a deciduous tree after arriving to the area

After getting out of the car and locating the bird by the call, this was the 1st view of the White-winged Dove high up in a deciduous tree