Peregrine Falcon at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 11, 2020

As I was birding Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee a darker subject caught my eye out in the open field on the ground. I knew this was too dark for a gull, it was a Peregrine Falcon! Peregrine Falcons are reported by some to be the fastest bird in the world, what a beautiful bird. There actually was a gull there too, but it was just the remains of a Ring-billed Gull, as the Peregrine Falcon had just finished eating most of the gull that it eats. I hung around from a distance and took a few shots. It moved a few feet from the gull killing site at one point but then eventually took to the sky. The park was loaded with bikers, walkers, joggers, even had a Yoga class going nearby. I photographed the remains of the gull for documentation,  interesting how the bird sorted out the body parts of the gull. “Dana” is this name of this beauty. (See more information on Dana at the bottom of this page) A cloudy day but temps were pleasant. Images were taken on October 11, 2020.

***** Warning, some images are graphic *****

Where I observed the Peregrine Falcon just finishing up the eating of the Ring-billed Gull…

Looking at me…

Looking around at all the park visitors…

Flies a short distance…

Leg bands are seen…

Looking at me again, mouth some what open…

Mouth closed…

The killing site…

Feathers galore, you know there was some struggling and plucking going on here…

Parts sorted out…

Distant shot leaving the area…

This information was provided to me by Greg Septon of Falconwatch.
This is a female named “Dana” (b/blu) 79/W. She was produced in 2019 at the St. Mary’s Hospital nest site in Chicago, IL. She turned up at the Veolia Water site in Milwaukee on March 31 this year as a brown immature bird. She was courted by the resident male “Rounder” (b/g) B/38 who was produced in 2007 at Milwaukee’s Miller Brewery site.
Dana laid 2 eggs between April 30 – May 2. Both eggs hatched on June 6, I banded them on June 25, and, both successfully fledged.


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19 Responses to Peregrine Falcon at Lakeshore State Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 11, 2020

  1. Carlos Torres says:

    That is just awesome, great shots thank you, it’s hard to see them at all, to see this is just the best.

  2. Bob Gorski says:

    Look at the talons on that bad boy. Nice shots.

  3. Edna Pfeiffer says:

    Didn’t bother me a bit. Even as a pre-teen I killed and dressed chickens for dinner. Alter all, falcons have to eat and fed their chicks.

  4. Tom O’Malley says:

    Great capture of the Falcon Jim!

    I remember in the early days of the Falcons’ comeback they were going to rid the big cities of the pigeons and gulls which were such a nuisance!

  5. Annie Mueller says:

    Awesome pics, Jim. Tis the “circle of life”. Thanks

  6. Pam Skaar says:

    Could you read the number on the bands and report them?

    I see the intestines, which aren’t usually eaten but what other organs are there?

    Great photos. They look so grey in the flesh and not so grey in the books.

  7. Gisela Zelenka-Drysdale says:

    Fantastic photos of an amazing and beautiful falcon, Jim. Great sequence of shots.

  8. Laura Krasinski says:

    Wow. Fantastic shots.

  9. Chris carlson says:

    Great series of photos. Really well done.

  10. Ruth Ann Timperley says:

    It is amazing to see these photos, Jim, as this is a bird that I have never seen close-up like this. Really beautiful bird, and such big eyes! Thanks for posting these.

  11. Kathy Leslie says:

    Amazing photos Jim. She is beautiful. Love the talon shot. Thanks for sharing

  12. Scott says:

    Excellent shots of our new Peregrine mom. I’m glad to see she’s happy, healthy and doing what Peregrines do.
    Thanks again for sharing these excellent photos.

  13. Ariella says:

    Bravo! Wonderful photos. The one with the mouth closed, looking towards you is a real treat.

  14. Karen Weiss says:

    That was fabulous and the information was incredible . I found it very interesting how he picked apart the gall and what was left behind. Thanks so much for the educational article and beautiful pictures.

  15. mark s nupen says:

    very nice work indeed and the graphic parts were perfect!


  16. Mary Hennen says:

    Beautiful photos! It’s always a great thing to see one of the young peregrines you banded off breeding somewhere. I banded her and her two siblings.

  17. Kathi Johnson Rock says:

    Wonderful photos Jim. What an amazing bird and you always tell a great story along with your amazing captures!!

  18. Sarah Stokes says:

    Exciting photos, and thanks for adding the info from Greg Septon! What a wonderful encounter you had with a beautiful female falcon! I would love to see that someday

  19. Cathy (Ben Goss Club) says:

    Good clicks. I do see a Falcon around the Marquette campus and the Wisconsin Center. I think there is a box around the area. Ill check the note again from Noel Cutright as to where the boxes are as I do think there is one around Summerfest too.

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