Red-tailed Hawk at the Lake Express Milwaukee Wisconsin December 23, 2014

I did some birding along the lakefront in Milwaukee this morning and there was nothing exciting to report in the places I stopped at. The Snowy Owl was still present at the Lake Express and located where it is typically hangs out at, the pipe. The highlight of the day for me was watching a pair of Red-tailed Hawks hunting at the Lake Express. As I watch one it eyed up its prey in a field and went for it. The prey won this time as I got back into its hole in the ground. Another observation I made today was a Red-tailed Hawk in a large puddle, could have been taking a bath which I must have missed. Minutes later it was up in the middle of a branched tree with it wings spread out dry them like a Double-crested Cormorant does. The sun shined for a whole 15 minutes today! With the mild temps and light winds it was nice to get out birding for a couple hours this morning. Images taken on December 23, 2014.


I see my prey!




It is here somewhere!








It got away!


Up looking for the next catch!


Doing a balancing act here with higher winds!


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  1. Annie Mueller says:

    As common as the red tailed is, your pictures give us the opportunity to get that “closer” look. Most times they are soaring high above us. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas.

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