Ruddy Turnstone at North Point in Sheboygan Wisconsin on May 31, 2016

At my visit to North Point this morning in Sheboygan another stunning species showed up. A Ruddy Turnstone, adult male continually feed while I was present except for a few times the gulls flushed the area. Colors on this bird are amazing! While I watched this bird feed, it turned things over on the shore looking for food, which goes with it’s name.  Images were taken on May 31, 2016.


Ruddy Turnstone

Binomial name: Arenaria interpres

Category: Sandpipers, Phalaropes, and Allies

Size: 9.5” long, 21” wing span

Weight: 3.9 oz

Cool Fact: The Ruddy Turnstone turns things over on the shore foraging for food such as stones and other objects.



Here the Ruddy Turnstone is turning over a piece of fish skin foraging for food



Just ate something

Ruddy Turnstone with a Bonaparte's Gull, size comparison image

Ruddy Turnstone with a Bonaparte’s Gull, size comparison image


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3 Responses to Ruddy Turnstone at North Point in Sheboygan Wisconsin on May 31, 2016

  1. Sara Sonntag says:

    Outstanding Jim! WOW!

  2. Annie says:

    Awesome feathered friend. You make picture taking look so easy. Thanks for sharing, as always. We enjoy each and every one.

  3. Alan Harvey says:

    Jim: As a novice birder, your photos are priceless as a teaching tool. Your photographs are astonishingly good! Thanks so much — your work is much appreciated.

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