Rufous Hummingbird at Black Earth Wisconsin October 26, 2014

Rufous Hummingbird, thought to be hatching year male. I received and email late morning from a friend in Black Earth Wisconsin who was pretty sure she had Rufous Hummingbird coming to her feeder. She sent me some great images and I thought I better check it out. I arrived around 1:30 pm. The bird came to the feeder within minutes after I arrived, I was hardly set up. The feeding was short and the bird feed on the opposite side of the feeder from where I was. I had notified Cynthia and she arrived a bit later. I the bird showed one more time briefly. We then had a good 2.5 hour lull with now bird. There was at least one other feeder at a neighbor’s house that Cynthia had spotted so who knows where the bird was hanging out. I got very few images of this bird. Thought to be confirming images to ID this bird were taken on October 27, 2014 by Kyle and Cynthia B. Thanks to Ann W. for contacting me about this bird. Hopefully the bird shows in the morning and continues for others to view. If the bird shows in the morning I will post Ann’s email address  and you can contact her. She is open to visitors to view this bird. It has been an exciting fall for me with vagrant hummingbirds as in the last 8 days I have viewed the 1- Anna’s, 3- Rufous. Images were taken on October 26, 2014 at Black Earth, Dane County Wisconsin.




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  1. Annie Mueller says:

    Gee, there sure has been a surge of hummer s in southern Wisconsin of late. That is awesome with your great pictures you share I feel like I could have been there in person. Thanks

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